Miller and Pagán

For NJ State Assembly.

About Joe and Yalinda.

Joe Miller

Joe was born and raised in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. As a child, Joe attended the Haddon Heights school district up until his freshman year. For high school, Joe attended Baptist Regional School in Haddon Heights, and graduated with the class of 2015.

After high school, Joe became a student at the University of Maine located in Orono, Maine. While at the University of Maine, Joe received his B.A. in Political Science, alongside a minor concentration in Sociology.

Upon graduation from the University of Maine in the year 2020, Joe moved home to Audubon where he then began to work in the real estate industry.

“As a school board member, I saw firsthand the frustration of parents and taxpayers dealing with mandates, lockdowns and being shutout of the process. Government transparency was definitely put to the test in recent years” according to Joe Miller. "We need to do a better job as public servants. It seems that we expect less and less from our elected officials, not more and more. As a real estate professional I see the impact of high taxes on borrowers every day. It’s a reality that many borrowers have a monthly tax payment higher than their principal payment. Many young people my age are being hurt by taxes and it's time to do something about that” stated Miller.  

Yalinda Pagán

Yalinda Pagán is a mother of three children, and a Jersey native from Camden City. 

Living in Camden, she’s seen the negative affects the lack of leadership in District 5 has caused towards the passionate community members and their daily lives. She has recently founded and is the Chairwoman of the Camden City Republican Social Club, and looks forward to doing some great work in the city.


Working as a childcare provider at Cadence Academy, she shows care and compassion not only for her own children but for others in her community. Along with this, being in the childcare field has shown that Yalinda sees firsthand the issues families and students face. Yalinda fully supports and will fight to protect the rights of each family, while making sure the children get an unbiased and productive education. 

  “It’s not fair for the parents of New Jersey to feel like they have no other options when mandates are being pushed onto their children to attend school. I want to help ensure that our parental rights are protected and that the voices of the residents are not dismissed.” stated Yalinda. 

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